Lavender Charcoal Bar Soap


Can anything smell so sweet and lovely as Lavender?!  It has the ability to transport a person’s mind to a happy and peaceful place.  Imagine the aromatherapy that happens in the shower with these beauties.

Charcoal activates when carbon is infused with oxygen making it safe for human ingestion and skincare.  By oxygenating the charcoal it creates a SUPER porous surface and can absorb thousands of times its own weight.

Because of the charcoal’s absorbency it now has the ability to draw out toxins and impurities, detoxifying the skin from bacteria and dirt that can lead to acne. Charcoal can help with healing pimples, and preventing further breakouts.  It also minimizes pores.

Bentonite clay has detoxifying properties as well, and adds a creamy feel to the bar.  Clay makes an excellent foundation for shaving. This bar would be great for shaving legs, face, armpits, etc.

Aloe Vera is great for soothing skin, bringing quick relief for those who suffer from inflamed tender skin.


Bar Size:  Each bar is handcrafted and hand cut. That means no soap is every going to be the exact even as hard as I try to make them be. That is why I always put approximate weight; which would be 4-4.5 ounces for each bar of soap.


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Flower Buds, Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera, Love


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