Happy Face Moisturizing Cream


When I was a child, my momma used to say to me, “Honey, you need to put your Happy Face on.”  When I created this formula, I knew I needed to call it Happy Face because, as I applied this silky moisturizer onto my skin, it made me smile.

I created this formula for a few reasons. I wanted a moisturizer and serum combination.  Having one less step on my facial regimen is helpful. I can get overwhelmed easily and have a habit of skipping over things that seem to take too much time. I use this product around my eye area, and it feels beautiful on my skin.

I also created this formula because I wanted a facial moisturizer that was not full of fillers, even if they were organic fillers.  I do not appreciate paying for something that is not needful and will not do for my skin what it claims it will do.

That brings me to this declaration: (because I cannot make an actual claim due to FDA regs (insert sarcasm)), I do not promise you that if you are in your 40’s that you will look like you are 22 by the time you have finished this jar of moisturizer; only God can do that, and He is not going to.  What I can promise/declare to you is that this formula will help diminish fine lines and wrinkles due to a large amount of hyaluronic acid in it. It is full of medicinal herbs to help nourish your skin.  The vitamin C is perfectly balanced and will help reduce blemishes and age spots. The Helichrysum (Immortelle) is used in three different ways in this formula and is also in the Cleanser and Toner.  It has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as tighten and tone the skin. It has become one of my very favorite medicinal herbs.

Try the Happy Face Trio!

I have wasted thousands of dollars in my life at fancy stores and boutiques buying lotions, elixirs, and serums that made my skin burn and never did what they claimed to do.  I am guessing you have too.  Happy Face Trio is the real deal.  It is full of medicinal plants that have been shown to help nourish your skin.  I have very sensitive skin. I am very fair complected with freckles.  Since I started using this formula on my face daily, my skin is softer.  The lines around my eyes and mouth have eased.  The Toner has helped to tighten my skin in a noticeable way.  I have gotten so many compliments on how good my face smells.  One of the main essential oils in this formula is Roman Chamomile.  There are over ten essential oils in this formula…each one playing their own role of healing to the skin. 

The Happy Face Trio has ZERO filler ingredients in it, and that is something I am VERY proud of.  You are paying for what you are getting.  I feel good about that and you should too.



Size:  2oz jar


I could list all the benefits to each ingredient here, but it might be overwhelming because there are so many great ingredients in this product. If you would like to read about each of the ingredients and their benefits, you can find that information HERE.


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