Defender Cleaning Spray

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Defender All Natural Cleaning Spray…this plant-based formula works wonders as a non-toxic and biodegradable way to keep your home a “healthy clean.” With so many cleaners claiming to be “natural,” all the while using synthetic fragrance, colors, and tons of unneeded ingredients, I am happy to be able to offer you a genuinely natural cleaner that works as hard as you do.

Great to use on:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Stovetops and Sinks
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Tubs and Toilets
  • Sealed Tile Floors
  • Linoleum Floors
  • Vinyl Floors
  • Nursery Room Hard Surfaces
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Light Fixtures
  • Plastic Toys
  • Doors and Doorknobs
  • Wiping Down Inside Car
  • Spot Cleaning Carpets
  • Floorboards
  • All Hard Surfaces

*If you have any doubts about using this spray on something, try using it on a small hidden area. If it stains or discolors, stop use immediately.



Size:  17oz Spray Bottle


Defender Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Preservative, and Love


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