With millions of fragrances on the market, discovering the best parfums can be a process of elimination, and the line between good and great is worth considering.  Extraordinary parfums tell a story through their notes, the craftsmanship that goes into them, and the emotions they evoke.  The right scent can give you a boost of confidence, cause you to reminisce, or make you smile.

Fragrance is subjective; there are plenty of perfectly lovely, completely inoffensive releases that fail to excite me.  Many of the expensive, much-lauded classics should be left in the past.  What interests me are the scents that diverge from the norm and feel singular in their intent.  They don’t need to be esoteric niche creations or designer exclusives that break the bank; they just have to be original and unique, and created with love.  Like all my other products, that’s the standard I used when creating my new line of parfums.


Moon Flower Eau De Parfum


Moon Flower Eau De Parfum is an incredibly feminine, sweet (not flowery), very alluring, and sexy scent.


Ravenclaw Eau De Parfum


Ravenclaw is a masculine, alluring, and very sexy scent.


Rivendell Eau De Parfum


Rivendell is a clean, modern, masculine, and super sexy scent.


Coconut Mango Eau De Parfum


The beautiful parfum smells like a tropical paradise!!  It is sweet, coconut-y, mango-y, and just the loveliest scent ever!


Pink Grapefruit Eau De Parfum


Pink Grapefruit Eau de Parfum is sweet(not overly), and citrusy with just a hint of the bitter peel.  It is perfection!!