Happy Joints & Merry Muscle

All Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Lotion

Of all the things I make, Happy Joints & Merry Muscles is my favorite one because it can help people in pain.  This formula has herbs infused in every facet of its creation.  It is filled with several 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that are proven to reduce inflammation as well as pain.

Unlike many others, all our products are 100% natural and made with the finest available ingredients.  There is nothing here that I wouldn’t allow my family to use with confidence.  I know you will love them, and I always appreciate your feedback.

Relieve aching joints and muscles quickly!

Happy Joint & Muscle Lotion 300

For mild inflammation & pain


Happy Joint & Muscle Lotion 500

For mild to medium inflammation & pain


Happy Joint & Muscle Lotion 1000

Regular Potency.

$60.00 -$120.00  

Happy Joint & Muscle Lotion 1500

High Potency.

$80.00 -$160.00  

Happy Joint & Muscle Lotion 2000

Super High Potency.

$95.00 -$190.00  

How to figure out what strength you need:

Happy Joints & Merry Muscles Lotion works on inflammation in the body.  Pain in our bodies is caused by inflammation.  Some people are more sensitive to pain than others.  Pain is a hard thing to grade with numbers.  What one person’s “4” is would be another person’s “8”.  When deciding which strength you need, ask yourself these questions:

How severe is my pain?                              How long have I been in pain?                              Can I function well without painkillers?

One of the things that makes Happy Joints and Merry Muscles different from other lotions is the fact the our lotion is an amazing pain relief lotion all by itself.  It works incredibly well all on its own.   But, when I added cannabidiol oil to this already effective lotion, it worked better than I ever dreamed.  I’ve received countless responses and testimonials from those that have tried everything else with little success.