All Natural Foaming Sugar Scrubs

Everything you love about sugar scrubs but with the added feature of all-in-one scrubbing and cleaning.

I want to tell you why I LOVE our Foaming Sugar Scrubs. I have tried all types of sugar scrubs, but I have never liked one as much as I like the Foaming Sugar Scrub.  What makes it different is the fact that it is an all-in-one product.

The cane sugar exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, which literally leaves your skin tingling (in a very good way!).  At the same time, your skin will look and feel amazing…more healthy, vibrant, and bright.  There will be zero greasy feels on your skin, in your tub, or in your shower. Huge bonus!  This scrub also foams like CRAZY ! The foaming action comes from coconuts.  A fatty ester from the coconut is mixed with an organic acid found in plants and animals (this product is one from plants, not animals) to make sodium cocoyl isethionate.  This is a huge word that means two chemicals from plants that make tons of foam.  This is a surfactant, but it is the mildest of surfactants; so mild in fact they call it “Baby Foam” because it is mild enough to use on a newborn infant.  Our sugar scrubs will not dry out your skin but leaves it beautifully soft.

This is a product that you will definitely want to try.

The fact that these scrubs are filled with essential oils makes them exponentially better for you than those that are made with synthetic fragrance oils.  With our essential oils, you actually get an authentic aromatherapy experience that is packed with natural health.

While “fragrance oils” are notorious for wreaking havoc on our hormones, essential oils do the opposite. By breathing in essential oils, we can have help in getting rid of negative emotions, and we can increase the natural production of healthy hormones, bringing our bodies into balance…and that is a good thing!



Exfoliates, soothes, heals, smells incredible .



Emulsify in a field of lavender

Pink Grapefruit


Sweet citrus, sunny, warm, and smells delicious

Melon Patch


Smells like walking through a watermelon patch

Eucalyptus Mint


Soothing, therapeutic, with a hint of mint.

Orange Grove


The fragrance and therapy of orange



Deep clean, soften, Delicately Scent the Skin



Sweet, woodsy, familiar and calming

Coconut Mango


Tropical fragrance of the Islands

Coconut Sands


The smell and feel of a tropical beach



Thirst quencher for dry skin