Foaming Hand

Our famous Foaming Hand Soap is made from 100% liquid soap and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  You will feel the difference right away.  Our hand soap has no detergents, no synthetic colors, and no synthetic fragrances which means your skin will not be stripped of its natural oils and your endocrine system will not be disturbed by artificial colors and fragrances.  You will, however, be able to notice how silky smooth your hands feel all while experiencing your own personal aromatherapy from the beautiful essential oils.

While we know you are going to absolutely love our foaming hand soaps, keep in mind that the amount of foaming action you get will depend upon the softness of your water.  The softer your water, the more foam.



The wonderful smell of Lavender flowers



The smell of fresh baked pumpkin pie



The real smell of grapefruit



Both scents blended into something amazing



Helps defend against germs & bacteria



Sweet peppermint with a hint of rosemary



Smell of sweet Christmas pine



Smells like an orange grove in the summer



Spray with no gloopy gel. Cinnamon & Spice