All Natural Emulsified Sugar Body Scrubs

I want to tell you why I LOVE our Emulsified Sugar Scrubs.  Oh my, are there words to describe how amazing these feel?  We emulsify oils with natural plant wax and then add sugar, which has an amazing effect.  First of all, the sugar exfoliates and removes dead skin which literally leaves skin tingling.  At the same time, your skin will look and feel amazing…more healthy, vibrant, and bright.  This adds much moisture to your skin but, drum roll, there will be zero greasy feel on your skin, in your tub, or in your shower. Huge bonus!  This is a product that you will definitely want to try.  Trying is believing.

The fact that these scrubs are filled with essential oils makes them exponentially better for you than those that are made with synthetic fragrance oils. With our essential oils you actually get a true aromatherapy experience that is packed with real health. While “fragrance oils” are notorious for wreaking havoc on our hormones, essential oils do the opposite. By breathing in essential oils we can have help in getting rid of negative emotions and we have an increase in the production of hormones, bringing our bodies into balance…and that is a good thing!

Sweet Orange

$18.69  $13.99

Smells like an orange grove in summer.


$18.69  $13.99

Exfoliates, soothes, heals, smells incredible .


$18.69  $13.99

Emulsify in a field of lavender .

Rosemary Mint

$18.69  $13.99

Wonderful blend of rosemary and mint.

Grapefruit & May Chang

$18.69  $13.99

Citrus heaven loaded with antioxidants

Vanilla Lavender

$18.69  $13.99

Unique flowery, but sweet. and very feminine

Orange Creamsicle

$18.69  $13.99

Sweet citrus, sunny, soft, warm, and vanilla-ish.