All Natural Foaming Body Wash

Our All Natural Foaming Body Wash comes in a variety of amazing scents, each creating an extraordinary experience.  Our body wash is going to do something most washes cannot do; it is going to help your skin be more healthy, vibrant, glowing, and less irritated, itchy, and blotchy.  The reason is what’s inside the bottle.  I went back to the drawing board on my body wash and I honestly could not be more pleased with the result.  According to all my customers, it’s the best body wash they ever used.

This formula is highly medicinal, without a herby smell and it is very concentrated with a wonderful thick consistency.  It does not strip the natural oils from your skin.

For the best foaming experience, be sure to apply with a sponge or loofah instead of just a wash cloth.  Also, the softer your water the more foaming action you will have.  



Deep clean, soften, Delicately Scent the Skin



Thirst quenching for dry skin



Soothing, therapeutic, with a hint of mint.



The wonderful smell of Lavender flowers



Sweet, woodsy, familiar and calming



The smell and feel of a tropical beach